Friday, April 04, 2014

Mobile Website Made Easy
Mobile Website Made Easy | Low Cosr

Mobilcrazy is a start up company which caters to business in creating Mobile Websites. It is easy to build mobile websites with the admin control that Mobilcrazy provides along with content publishing, Layout Skinning.

Key Highlights

Pay Once
Low Cost 
Easy to Use

website url:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Universal A/C Remote

Looking for an original aircon remote to replace your broken one? Having trouble to find a remote due to non availability of stock? Fret no more, here is a product from China that can make life of many a lot better.

A universal remote for your Aircons, now you do not have to maintain multiple remote control in the house and replace batteries for every remote that you have, saving a whole lot of money and time looking around to get a compatible remote.

Model: K-100E

Information from their website :
Can control over 100 different world famous brands of air-conditions including the functions such as model selecting, wing, manual or auto wing directions.Large Chinese & English display.Easy to set up.Multi-functions and stated.Best choice for the original controller that is damaged or lost or out of work.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Samsung Pixon M8800 - all touch

Samsung Pixon M8800image source:

Samsung Pixon M8800 is all set to compete the iPhone. This all touch screen featured phone shods an 8mp camera, 3.2" screen with a resolution of 240X400 TFT LCD. The interesting part of the phone is its camera features that has a 16x digital zoom and video shoot mode capable of capturing video at 30fps at 720X480 resolution. The phone also supports mpeg4, DIVX , Xvid and WMV files. The Samsung PIXON also features GSM, GPRS and EDGE for internet connectivity along with the regular features such as Bluetooth and USB port for network connection and it also features a TV out option.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pattern Tap: New way to discover Pattern Design

Pattern Design The Patterntap is a life saver for interaction designers. Find all inspirations for your next UI design right here. Patterntap showcases a huge collection of design patterns categorized under 46 different sections like Headers, Navigation, Sorting, Footers, Forms, List, Tables etc. You can register at Patterntap and add patterns to your own set which becomes an easy to store
patterns online.

Though the site has different 'name set' to identify the patterns directly. The most important feature that the Patterntrap lack, is the Search option. The missing search feature would have you wandering around the site looking for the right design pattern. Hope we get to see the search option in the future version of Patterntrap.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lively: 3D Chat by Google

Lively is a unique 3D chat experience by Google, in which you can communicate and express yourself using avatars in your very own space. Choose an avatar and use it to make friends and chat. Create rooms, decorate them to your liking, and make sure to invite your friends over.
Lively runs inside the browser but needs a Windows installation first to work.
Visit the site to know more and download the application.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

USB Modem for Mobile Wimax Communication

U100 allows high speed wireless internet connectivity and is compliant with Mobile WiMAX Standard. U100 is lightweight and the users can conveniently carry it with them wherever they travel. The U100 has a 45 degree rotation hinge through which the user can get the optimal signal. U100 provides a connection manager for PCs with an interface that is simple and is user-friendly. Anybody can easily plug it in and use it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Disney's M player!

disney iriver mplayeriRiver and Disney launch this cute little music player called the M-player. The Mickey Mouse design music player is sure to make a good impact in the market. The player has a mini USB 2.0, a volume up and down buttons with the next and previous buttons to navigate through your favorite music. It has a storage capacity of 1GB and also provide a 1 year warranty.

It weighs about 17grams and has a continuous playback capability of approximately 9 hours. Plays the following formats, MP3, WMA at 8kbps ~ 320kbps. The player is powered by a built in lithium battery which is re-chargable and the software that conectes the device to the pc is also provided with the player.

The player retails for about $69.

Shop at Disney | iRiver

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Webdesign Trend: Hand Drawn

Hand Drawn "Hand drawn" is the most discussed web design trends these days. This article sums up the links and resources that could make your understand the trend and equally inspire your creativity.
"Hand-Drawn" trend pattern: This article from smashingmagazine gives the detailed analysis of what’s new about hand drawn trend, how the fonts, are handled, common usability issues, Logos, header, input fields, pre-loaders and more.

Tutorial: webdesignwall really created the momentum to this design trend with his awesome blog design. Adding to it he provided tips and tutorials in his own site for creating hand drawn web designs.


Resource: Collect all your free brushes, vector, shapes, textures and fonts from the article listed below:

Monday, July 14, 2008

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

Foxmarks Bookmark SynchronizerHaving trouble accessing your bookmarks from different parts of the world? Here is a relief to your trouble and the savior is none other than our very own Mozilla with the addon for the Firefox browser, its called the Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer. So if you are using Firefox at home and at work then install the Foxmarks on the machines that you use and the application will take care of synchronizing your bookmark data from a central database over the internet and its secure as the data reflects based on your login.

Here are some of the mind grabbing features of Foxmarks
  • Backup and Restore
  • Share
  • Web Access
  • Sync Profiles
  • Seamless sync
  • Mobile Access
  • Import & Export

Friday, July 11, 2008

IPhone 3G to arrive!

Launch of the iPhone 3G
The iPhone 2.0 OS is unlocked as well and the lauch of the phone is just a few hours away.
More updates on the launch to follow.... Watch this space for further updates.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tutorial9 Rocks with 99 Free Canvas, Paper, Paint, and Metal Textures

Free Free Canvas, Paper, Paint, and Metal TexturesTutorial9 has come out impressive free resource. The latest article "99 Free Free Canvas, Paper, Paint, and Metal Textures" proves to be a great collection of photoshop textures, canvas, paper etc. Most from the list are high res textures which are awsome and great resource for any designers. Chk out this link

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Create PDF online for FREE

PrimoOnline gives an easy way to create PDF files online. This requires no installation of any PDF software. Just upload your file, enter your email address, and thier server-based PDF creator will convert your file to PDF and mail to your email inbox! Try Out!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Motorokr EQ7 wireless speakers for your phone

MOTOROKR EQ7The MOTOROKR EQ7 wireless speakers will soon be very popular among many mobile users wtih bluetooth connectivity. This wireless speaker connects to any electronic device that supports bluetooth. So music from your mobile phone is not personal anymore. Get stereo sound blasted from your mobile phone through these stylish speakers on the move.

You can not only just listen to songs but use them as a speakerphone as well. The device claims to have advanced technology for noise cancellation for better sound quality.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

jQuery Theme Controller

jQuery theme rollerLife is getting very simple to design an interface these days, with many online tools and applications coming up to simplify web designing and development, you can find many interesting bunch of online apps everyday. Here is a simple app from jQuery UI 1.5 which lets users design and customize an interface of your website or applications. Try out your combination to come up with that unique and good looking theme at jQuery Theme Controller.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Take a Tour of the Sky, NOW

Want to see the same images that scientists at NASA use for their research or perform your own research with those images? Or do you want to see the Earth from the same perspective that astronauts see as they descend to Earth? How about taking a 5 minute break and viewing a panorama of a different city?
Install WWT and start your explorations