Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Accessibility for the web!! What's that?

Click to enlarge pictureThe internet has BOOMED the doors of heaven for the tech savvy people in this world. What has it done for us you may ask, well to start with I would say Information at your finger tips. Any normal person who feeds on information through the internet would love to see what he looked for on the screen. But hey! not all of them are normal in this world. What am I trying to say here? Its all about enabling people with disabilities of various kinds to access the same information with ease.

The internet Gurus and the Techno geeks have come up a long way innovating and implementing new technologies and techniques to have any website/application accessible to people with disabilities. Disabilities can be due to poor vision, no vision at all, physically challenged, hearing impaired and so on. There are screen reading software like JAWS, very popular around the world, which helps people with no vision to listen to the content read by the application.

Being a techo crack myself, having developed a couple of international websites of popular brands, I never thought of having accessibility compliant websites in the past. Its not the same now with any web developer or designer. I have started exploring the International Standards of Accessibility and practically started implementing the same to my work.

I'm no expert in this domain at the moment, but it excites me when I think that Iam helping someone reach out and grab what he/she wants just like other normal people on cyberspace.

- Vikram S


Raja Ram said...

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