Monday, October 27, 2008

Samsung Pixon M8800 - all touch

Samsung Pixon M8800image source:

Samsung Pixon M8800 is all set to compete the iPhone. This all touch screen featured phone shods an 8mp camera, 3.2" screen with a resolution of 240X400 TFT LCD. The interesting part of the phone is its camera features that has a 16x digital zoom and video shoot mode capable of capturing video at 30fps at 720X480 resolution. The phone also supports mpeg4, DIVX , Xvid and WMV files. The Samsung PIXON also features GSM, GPRS and EDGE for internet connectivity along with the regular features such as Bluetooth and USB port for network connection and it also features a TV out option.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pattern Tap: New way to discover Pattern Design

Pattern Design The Patterntap is a life saver for interaction designers. Find all inspirations for your next UI design right here. Patterntap showcases a huge collection of design patterns categorized under 46 different sections like Headers, Navigation, Sorting, Footers, Forms, List, Tables etc. You can register at Patterntap and add patterns to your own set which becomes an easy to store
patterns online.

Though the site has different 'name set' to identify the patterns directly. The most important feature that the Patterntrap lack, is the Search option. The missing search feature would have you wandering around the site looking for the right design pattern. Hope we get to see the search option in the future version of Patterntrap.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lively: 3D Chat by Google

Lively is a unique 3D chat experience by Google, in which you can communicate and express yourself using avatars in your very own space. Choose an avatar and use it to make friends and chat. Create rooms, decorate them to your liking, and make sure to invite your friends over.
Lively runs inside the browser but needs a Windows installation first to work.
Visit the site to know more and download the application.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

USB Modem for Mobile Wimax Communication

U100 allows high speed wireless internet connectivity and is compliant with Mobile WiMAX Standard. U100 is lightweight and the users can conveniently carry it with them wherever they travel. The U100 has a 45 degree rotation hinge through which the user can get the optimal signal. U100 provides a connection manager for PCs with an interface that is simple and is user-friendly. Anybody can easily plug it in and use it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Disney's M player!

disney iriver mplayeriRiver and Disney launch this cute little music player called the M-player. The Mickey Mouse design music player is sure to make a good impact in the market. The player has a mini USB 2.0, a volume up and down buttons with the next and previous buttons to navigate through your favorite music. It has a storage capacity of 1GB and also provide a 1 year warranty.

It weighs about 17grams and has a continuous playback capability of approximately 9 hours. Plays the following formats, MP3, WMA at 8kbps ~ 320kbps. The player is powered by a built in lithium battery which is re-chargable and the software that conectes the device to the pc is also provided with the player.

The player retails for about $69.

Shop at Disney | iRiver

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Webdesign Trend: Hand Drawn

Hand Drawn "Hand drawn" is the most discussed web design trends these days. This article sums up the links and resources that could make your understand the trend and equally inspire your creativity.
"Hand-Drawn" trend pattern: This article from smashingmagazine gives the detailed analysis of what’s new about hand drawn trend, how the fonts, are handled, common usability issues, Logos, header, input fields, pre-loaders and more.

Tutorial: webdesignwall really created the momentum to this design trend with his awesome blog design. Adding to it he provided tips and tutorials in his own site for creating hand drawn web designs.


Resource: Collect all your free brushes, vector, shapes, textures and fonts from the article listed below:

Monday, July 14, 2008

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

Foxmarks Bookmark SynchronizerHaving trouble accessing your bookmarks from different parts of the world? Here is a relief to your trouble and the savior is none other than our very own Mozilla with the addon for the Firefox browser, its called the Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer. So if you are using Firefox at home and at work then install the Foxmarks on the machines that you use and the application will take care of synchronizing your bookmark data from a central database over the internet and its secure as the data reflects based on your login.

Here are some of the mind grabbing features of Foxmarks
  • Backup and Restore
  • Share
  • Web Access
  • Sync Profiles
  • Seamless sync
  • Mobile Access
  • Import & Export

Friday, July 11, 2008

IPhone 3G to arrive!

Launch of the iPhone 3G
The iPhone 2.0 OS is unlocked as well and the lauch of the phone is just a few hours away.
More updates on the launch to follow.... Watch this space for further updates.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tutorial9 Rocks with 99 Free Canvas, Paper, Paint, and Metal Textures

Free Free Canvas, Paper, Paint, and Metal TexturesTutorial9 has come out impressive free resource. The latest article "99 Free Free Canvas, Paper, Paint, and Metal Textures" proves to be a great collection of photoshop textures, canvas, paper etc. Most from the list are high res textures which are awsome and great resource for any designers. Chk out this link

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Create PDF online for FREE

PrimoOnline gives an easy way to create PDF files online. This requires no installation of any PDF software. Just upload your file, enter your email address, and thier server-based PDF creator will convert your file to PDF and mail to your email inbox! Try Out!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Motorokr EQ7 wireless speakers for your phone

MOTOROKR EQ7The MOTOROKR EQ7 wireless speakers will soon be very popular among many mobile users wtih bluetooth connectivity. This wireless speaker connects to any electronic device that supports bluetooth. So music from your mobile phone is not personal anymore. Get stereo sound blasted from your mobile phone through these stylish speakers on the move.

You can not only just listen to songs but use them as a speakerphone as well. The device claims to have advanced technology for noise cancellation for better sound quality.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

jQuery Theme Controller

jQuery theme rollerLife is getting very simple to design an interface these days, with many online tools and applications coming up to simplify web designing and development, you can find many interesting bunch of online apps everyday. Here is a simple app from jQuery UI 1.5 which lets users design and customize an interface of your website or applications. Try out your combination to come up with that unique and good looking theme at jQuery Theme Controller.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Take a Tour of the Sky, NOW

Want to see the same images that scientists at NASA use for their research or perform your own research with those images? Or do you want to see the Earth from the same perspective that astronauts see as they descend to Earth? How about taking a 5 minute break and viewing a panorama of a different city?
Install WWT and start your explorations

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The 3G Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone 3Gimage source: Apple

iPhone is now 3G and cheaper. Starting at $199 this new iPhone 3G phone is here to stay and at half the price of the earlier version of the iPhone this one operates faster with added features and ofcourse a bonus to all iPhone fans around the globe.

Highlights of the 3G iPhone is, fast wireless technology, built in GPS mapping, integrated MS Exchange, Apple Store and many more. Browsing the internet over the iPhone 3G series has never been better.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Ultimate Grunge Roundup from Designreviver

The recent Grunge roundup from design reviver covers the whole aspects of grunge design. The article provides 200 plus quality downloads for grunge design, it includes:
1. Textures
2. Brushes
3. Fonts
Link: Ultimate Grunge Roundup

Friday, June 06, 2008

Freebase, the knowledge bank

FreebaseKnowledge and Information at your finger tips with Unlike other information portals, blogs or websites freebase has a disciplined structure in organizing data/information. There are 3 different categories Data, Apps and Discuss.

Click on the Data link and you get to see different categories from Movies, Gadgets, Technology and so on under which the users get to hunt down information based on keyword search or within a couple of clicks.

A whole lot of information with reference to web technology, web applications and programming languages. This is a developer network where web developers with common interest meet and discuss and share web technology and programming techniques and also retrieve information for references and queries.

A forum to discuss any thought about topic. It could be anything that comes to your mind. You can discuss about a book, issues in politics and so on. It can be just about anything.

Check link:

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Yahoo Stencil Kit

Yahoo has released its "Stencil Kit" as a part of Design Pattern Library. This seems to be a great idea and very useful resource to the designers. Though this may lead to yahoo biased design ideas, the standard approach to components can be a welcome idea. The stencil kit has following topics:
• Ad Units
• Calendars
• Carousels
• Charts and Tables
• UI Controls
• Form Elements
• Grids
• Menus and Buttons
• Mobile - General
• Mobile - iPhone
• Navigation and Pagination
• OS Elements
• Placeholder Text
• Screen Resolutions
• Tabs
• Windows and Containers

These are available for download in various formats (OmniGraffle, Visio (XML), PDF, PNG, SVG)
Link: Yahoo Stencil Kit

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Orkut themes, change the face of your profile

Themes for OrkutOrkut changed the look and feel of its interface last year and now offers its users to customize the theme of their profile with the pre-defined themes offered by Orkut itself. The themes add a lot of character to the profile page. To change the theme on Orkut all you need to do is click the Change Theme link on the top right side of the profile page and select the theme you want to upgrade to and click on the update button.

Themes for Orkut

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Free stockphoto search app from

Everystockphoto search

Everystockphoto introduces free/license-specific photos from different sources creating a platform for users to search and use stock photos displayed here. Everystockphoto is a free service provider, once registered users can collect photos and comment, tag and rate them too.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A cushion that keeps you cool

Air conditioned Bedimage source:

We must have come across many cooling devices/gadgets developed to cool our bodies during our long hours at work or when asleep. Here is a neat gadget from Kuchofuku Suzukaze that regulates air through thin membrane and maintains temperature that is the ideal cooling temperature for a human body. With an overall weight of only 261 grams the device can be easily carried anywhere. The seats have a small fan built in it that circulates air within.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Icon search simplified!

Icon finderMany Icon search web-applications are released over the web and one of them is the all new "iconlook". At first glance it looks like any other regular search engine with the conventional search box with a search button, but with a twist, Icon Look is dedicated to help users to search for icons. Type the keyword of your choice and you are presented with a list/collection of free icons, categorized by its size (16x16, 32x32, etc). The "Tag Cloud" tab provides a huge keyword list that could match your search.

Also Check:,,

Thursday, May 22, 2008



Windows and Dell have joined (RED) to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. When you buy a Dell (PRODUCT) RED PC with Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED, Windows and Dell will jointly contribute $50 or $80, depending on the product, to The Global Fund. With Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED, these aren’t just the ultimate PCs, they’re a powerful way to improve lives
Click here to know more.

Google Health, a helping hand?

Google HealthNo Google Health is not an initiative to start hospitals across the country but another free web application to help users to store their medical records online and also use the same tool to share information with your doc or insurance companies over the internet. With many security and privacy issues hovering around, can Google Health give the confidence to its users to actually use the tool to record sensitive data as this. Something that many would think about already.

Calling Google, are there more surprises to come? How about a Google web-browser or a Google World Wide WiFi Spot where users from any part of the world could latch onto the Google network irrespective of where the users are located or travel different parts of the globe. Well! lets wait and see waz up! for grabs for years to come.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

List of 35 professional looking corporate websites

A good collection of corporate websites are listed at Rubiqube. The collections are analyzed and are carefully handpicked websites which looks professional in all aspects of design and development and also exhibit current trends and pattern involving design of corporate websites.

Find the list here: 35 professional looking corporate websites

DesignYouTrust: Refereshing Design Insipiration

Getting bored of too many CSS and Web Design Inspirations Gallery? Here is an interesting website called "designyoutrust" with refreshing design inspirations spanning all categories from Colors, Photos, Art, Print Design, Illustrations and more. The site showcases latest design projects from the famous designer's collaboration portal Behance.

from the site:
Design You Trust™ is a daily design blog and community, full of new design trends, news and events, great design portfolios, young design bloods, design articles, photographies, fashion, creative advertisements, architectural inspirations, video design and hand-picked design stuff from all over the globe."

You can be a part of designyoutrust by submitting a simple registration form to post your favorite Design resources, Photos and Videos.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Get paid for Blogging at Social Spark

Get paid for BloggingYou a blogger? Then Social Spark is the place for you. Anyone can join this blog network and make money against every post you make. You get paid $$ for post that you write on topics spread across Technology, Gadgets, Sports and many more. Log on and get sparking at the Social Spark network.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

GloPillow for a healthy wakeup call!

glo Pillowimage source:

The glow Pillow is an alarm clock mated wtih a soft light embedded within the pillow. The pillow uses an LED fabric substrate under the skin of the pillow that illuminates to wake the user. There is a time display that shows time, which is projected through the same LEDs that glow to wake the user.

There are different pre-sets and 40 mins before every pre-sets the program triggers to start the LEDs to glow. The LEDs begins to glow gradually gently waking the user.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nettuts: The new Web-Development resource

Collis Ta'eed has just launched his new site In continuation to the huge success of psdtuts collis has launched this site to branch out in tutorials for Web Development. The site seems to have a great response in the very first week which is evident from its FeedBruner box numbers nearing 600 within couple of days of its launch. It could be interesting to see how different the tutorials are compared to the existing sites, and its "Best of the Web" section.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Color Toy 2.0 is a winner!

Color Toy 2.0The ColorToy 2.0 is a flash application that generates color scheme for the right shades of your choice. Deciding the right color combination is a task by itself for many. So here is something that ColorToy will make easy for anyone. Feed the tool with a color and it automatically services you with the complimenting colors that you make you go awe! So try it out here and post your comments.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Google Notebook exports!!!

Google NotebookSo what does Google Notebook have this time? The Notebook now features exporting options as in Google Docs. The subscribe to feeds option are made much easier to access with just a click on export as RSS from the tools meny. The Google Notebook integrates well with Google docs and the recent version of the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer has the Notebook feature within it.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Nappak's portable bed

Nappak bed, portable bedimage source:

This could become a popular product for people on the move or at work and even at home when you have that fun party. Very cool design and the Nappak bed is supplied with a air compressor. The cubicle type desgin is a knock off design giving you the privacy and also blocking off light in a room or any other environment.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Adobe Launches Photoshop Express Public Beta

With Photoshop Express, digital photos can be uploaded and sorted anytime, edited non-destructively to always preserve the original image, and shared from anywhere, on any Web browser. In a few easy clicks, Photoshop Express empowers anyone to make standard edits, such as removing blemishes and red-eye, converting to black and white, cropping and resizing, and much more.
Photoshop Express offers a variety of creative sharing options, including uploading and showing off photos and slideshows in your own online “Gallery” hosted by Adobe, or conveniently embedding or linking photos to social networking sites and personal blogs without having to leave the application. Slideshows never looked better with animation that makes photos float and fly across the screen, allowing for viewer interactivity and unique presentation styles.
Visit now

web2.0 Button Collections

Nice collection of web2.0 style buttons are available in dragnet. There more than 50 buttons showcased here along with some links to additional resource. Enjoy!

Link: button_collection

Thursday, March 27, 2008 All About CSS around the globe

CSS Globe CSSGlobe is yet another site from the CSS community and Web Standards resources. So what is unique about this one? For two main reasons, one for its fresh and useful contents, and secondly for the active contributions of members bringing in latest of CSS and Web trends news.

The website carries active sections with “Articles” and “Community News”, both contributed by members/users. The articles are exclusively published for CSSGlobe supported with articles, tips, tutorials CSS and Web Standards from any other blogs/sites. Get registered and publish your findings.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Qualtiy Freebie from

Bittbox: Freebie Resource Good design is a reflection of creative ideas and free design resources makes it easy to implement and popularize the latest trend in design. Bittbox provides quality Freebies and showcases some of the best photoshop artist in the design industry and their creatives. Photoshop Brushes, textures, Vector Brushes, Shapes, Stock Photos are some of the resources that are shared on this site. A gold mine for any designer.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More life to your photos with HDR technique!

High Dynamic Range imageimage source: wikipedia

Have you ever thought of enhancing some of your prized shots taken from your camera? Then you got to learn to generate a HDR image which means High Dynamic Range image. A technique that produces true colors and tones to your photographs by collaborating pictures of the same features under different exposures.

To start its important to have a steady hand or make it easy with a tripod and take shots of the same object with different exposures without any movement to avoid blurring of pictures. For example take 3 pictures with +2 EV and a couple with -3 EV and use softwares like Photomatix or other applications to generate your final HDR image.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Online Free CSS Menu Builder

Online Free CSS Menu Builder

Creating web2.0, glossy tabs is now made easy with izzymenu. This easy to use menu generator will help you generate/create menu tabs. The site has pre-defined tab settings with controls for different parameter. Customize your parameters, to create more number of tabs, horizontal or vertical, hover color/image and more. This is a handy site to be bookmarked, and create instant and professional looking CSS tabs in minutes.
Link: izzymenu

Apps Find: Expense / Money Tracking Web Apps

Always thought your money management skills is on the weaker side? Gone were the days scampering for a paper and calculator trying to figure out your spending pattern and punch the life out of the calculator.

With Web2.0 producing whole lot of online applications to manage your expenses, life has never been better. These apps help users track Expenses framed around the specified income from different sources as applicable to the respective users. In addition to the basic features you can plan your Budget and Expense report and also link bank accounts to the app.

Budget Pulse

"Money management software are usually complicated while online ones are too simple and featureless. BudgetPulse is built on principles of simplicity, user friendliness and comprehensiveness"- BudgetPluse


expensr is a free online personal finance application.


"The idea behind SpendView is straightforward - let users know where they spend their money, effortlessly. It’s a simple and secure personal finance site designed to minimize the effort required in tracking, analyzing, and reducing expenses."- spendview

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dell launch 20" widescreen monitor

DELL UltraSharp 2009W
Dell's new 20" widescreen flat panel monitor, the DELL UltraSharp 2009W. This panel has the capapbility to show more pixel content than the Dell's 19" widescreen monitor. The monitor shods 4 USB 2.0 ports incase you run out of ports on the PC and it also comes with height adjustable stand. Delivers life-like pictures with crisp and rich colors making the virtual experience feel like reality.

DELL UltraSharp 2009W

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vectips: Quality tips and tutorials for Illustrator

In line to the recently famous resource blog psdtuts, here comes the new one "vectips". Vectips has come out with quality tips, tricks and tutorials for Adobe Illustrator. The site targets on professional visitors with medium level skills in the illustrator. The categorizing of the TIPS, TRICKS and TUTORIALS makes the user to reach articles quickly and the apple green color used for the design gives an overall pleasant look. My favorite tutorial from the blog:

Also check: creating-halftone-effects | quickly-add-grunge-to-text

Monday, March 10, 2008

USB Digital Film Scanner

USB Digital Film Scannerimage source:

Now here is an interesting gadget which will interest a lot of people who used the film camera before the digital camera took over. A gadget that can scan your photo negatives. So if you are one of them who have a stack of old films in your cupboard then its time to dig them out and convert them to possitives digitally. The USB Digital Film scanner will give life to your good old negatives by scanning them at high resolution and then having them converted to useful digital formats like jpegs etc.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Google Sites step up website publishing

Google SitesGoogle Sites is finally launched. Another new service from the Google Apps stable, users can make use of Google Sites to develop/create websites online and no knowledge of programming is required to use this service. With different templates to choose from and a storage space of 10GB supported with a rich text editor, this application is a breeze to use.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trend Analysis on Navigation from Smashingmagazine

SmashingmagazineNavigation design plays a vital role in making a site/blog popular and equally successful. Smashing magazine has come out with a new article on Navigation menu trend analysis. The article proves to be a good reference for any creative site/blog design, as it covers most of the available menu styles and its best examples. You will end up with a clear insight and design trends of navigation menu. So gear up to redesign your blog navigation!

Article Link:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Morph concept from Nokia

Featured in The Museum of Modern Art “Design and The Elastic Mind” exhibition, the Morph concept device is a bridge between highly advanced technologies and their potential benefits to end-users. This device concept showcases some revolutionary leaps being explored by Nokia Research Center (NRC) in collaboration with the Cambridge Nanoscience Centre (United Kingdom) – nanoscale technologies that will potentially create a world of radically different devices that open up an entirely new spectrum of possibilities.

Morph concept technologies might create fantastic opportunities for mobile devices:
Newly-enabled flexible and transparent materials blend more seamlessly with the way we live Devices become self-cleaning and self-preserving Transparent electronics offering an entirely new aesthetic dimension Built-in solar absorption might charge a device, whilst batteries become smaller, longer lasting and faster to charge Integrated sensors might allow us to learn more about the environment around us, empowering us to make better choices.

In addition to the advances above, the integrated electronics shown in the Morph concept could cost less and include more functionality in a much smaller space, even as interfaces are simplified and usability is enhanced. All of these new capabilities will unleash new applications and services that will allow us to communicate and interact in unprecedented ways.

View more details

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Turbocharge your web application development!

Generate database and reporting applications for .NET in minutes. Quickly create visually stunning, feature-rich Web 2.0 applications that are easy to customize and ready to deploy. If you need an app built today, use Iron Speed Designer!

Simply point to an existing database and let the Iron Speed Designer wizards build a sophisticated, database-driven application that's ready to deploy. In just minutes, Iron Speed Designer generates your application's Web pages, user interface code and data access logic. Say good-bye to hand-coding ASPX pages and SQL statements.