Friday, June 06, 2008

Freebase, the knowledge bank

FreebaseKnowledge and Information at your finger tips with Unlike other information portals, blogs or websites freebase has a disciplined structure in organizing data/information. There are 3 different categories Data, Apps and Discuss.

Click on the Data link and you get to see different categories from Movies, Gadgets, Technology and so on under which the users get to hunt down information based on keyword search or within a couple of clicks.

A whole lot of information with reference to web technology, web applications and programming languages. This is a developer network where web developers with common interest meet and discuss and share web technology and programming techniques and also retrieve information for references and queries.

A forum to discuss any thought about topic. It could be anything that comes to your mind. You can discuss about a book, issues in politics and so on. It can be just about anything.

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