Sunday, September 30, 2007

3D World, the navigator for

3D World from BRT SolutionsBRT Solutions introduces 3D World. No more pain on the wrist or frustration of moving or clicking the mouse/keyboard while developing or a walk-through a virtual world. If you are a CAD/Solid Works or any 3D/2D software user then this is the gadget for you to go for. The device lets you navigate and move around 3D models,renders at ease.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Themes for your Blogs

Always wanted to break free from the default Themes and Layout that blog providers hook you up with? Fret no more, the bloggers workshop called the Thurstemplates is here with different layouts for Have fun rejuvenating your blog's look and feel.

Hi-Fi sound system for your bicycle

Cy-Fi for bicycle
High fidelity sound system is not just for your cars, now its all there for your bicycles too. Cy-Fi is here to make cyclist happy. Iam not sure if this is audible enough for any busy and noisy streets, but sure is a wonderful idea, especially when you ride down the calm and quiet country side. The Ci-Fi is a wireless speaker system for a bicycle and is exclusive for an iPod. The device weighs less than 3 ounce and is very compact to carry around and an easy snap on feature. A speaker system eliminates the safety problems faced while using a headphone.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Principles of Design

As every design medium Web-design has its own restrictions and liberties, but often the limitations over ride the bigger fact that it’s an art of “Design”. Every design concepts will apply to web design. Below listed are article that could give detailed insight on design principles:

  1. The Elements of Design Applied to the Web
  2. The Principles of Design
  3. The Principles of Beautiful Web Design
  4. Introduction to the Principles of Design

Stripemania - seamless diagonals made easy

stripemaniaStripemania is a simple and free web 2.0 tool to create seamless diagonal stripes for designs. The site allows the users to generate, download and share seamless diagonal stripes. Stripemania allows you to input your hex codes and hit the download button. Its amazingly good tool that makes your design very much a Web2.0 design!

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MSR India TechVista,

New Delhi, October 13, 2007

TechVista, Microsoft Research (MSR) India's annual research symposium, features some of the best recognized scientists from across the world as speakers. TechVista brings together the research community, academia and government onto a common platform. The speakers at the first three editions of TechVista (2005, 2006 and Bangalore, January 2007) include Turing award winners Dr. Butler Lampson, Dr. Raj Reddy and Sir Tony Hoare, and technical Academy award winner Dr. Ken Perlin, in addition to world renowned scientists like Prof. Maria Klawe, Prof. Takeo Kanade and well known Indian scientists like Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala.

The theme for TechVista, New Delhi, October 13, 2007 will be "Computing and Technology- Shaping the Future".

Visit here for more and Registration.

First-ever rechargeable backlit keyboard

The ultimate rechargeable keyboard and mouse for Windows Vista® and PC entertainment. Designed to make it easier than ever to control PC media from your desk, your lap–or even from the comfort of your couch.

Click here to know more about this product.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Climb@Tron R.E.X.

Climb@TronA very cool toy. Climb@Tron R.E.X. has the ability to climb walls, walk sideways/forward. The suction cups under its foot helps the robot to tight hold its grip on walls and walk every possible directions.

MIXX, another Social Networking site

Mixx Social Networking site Mixx is available on invite only. The site features for users to share Videos, Pictures, create groups and also post your stories. To access features of Mixx, sign up with your email address and you will be notified by the team to access the site.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Disco is here to stay

A very interesting application which keeps tracks of the files burnt on CDs from your machine.Introducing DISCO 1.0, it drills down to details like when the file was burnt, to which disc and when it had been edited. This is a wonderful tool especially when you loose track of files and unable to find them from your favorite CD rack.

It also has a very cool feature of spanning over sized user file list across multiple cds in one session. Let us look at it this way, you have files in a folder that would require more than one CD and you dont have the patience to divide them. No sweat, the application will do it for you. Disco analyze the total size of the files and indicates the user of how many CDs would be needed to burn the files and all we need to do is simply feed the burner with new CDs.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The 9 volt beauty

At the first glance of this device you would wonder what a simple, elegant design and why in the world did I think of it all this while. Richard Lawson came up with this beautiful and intelligent gadget,which is unique and useful gadget. Use a rechargeable battery and you are on.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finest Photoshop Tutorial at

psdtut is an absolute Photoshop tutorial website for designers who want to keep in match with current trend from rest of world. The website is from Eden Creative Communities. The website provides quality tutorials for medium and advance photoshop users. Good design, Neat Layout and above all very useful.

RSS Feed:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

TWISTER, Rotating 3d Display

Researchers from the University of Tokyo, have developed a unique display that allows viewers to be immersed in a 3D video environment. The Telexistence Wide-angle Immersive Stereoscope TWISTER, is the world’s first full color 360 degree 3D display that does not require the use of special glasses to visualize the effect.

LULL - The Opening Flower Light Shade

LULLLULL is a lamp that opens and closes like a flower. In the evening the lamp gives a warm glow, to give a feeling of safety while it slowly turns itself off. In the morning the lamp opens, gradually increasing the light intensity to give the user a more comfortable awakening. LULL is an award-winning product made for GiForm 2007, an industrial design competition in Norway.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sansa Shaker mp3 player

Sansa Shaker
Sansa Shaker, a player designed for kids and families. The device has a speaker built into it, lets you share your favorite music with your mates. The player can take in SD cards loaded with Mp3 songs. The unique feature of this player is the way you change or skip to the next track. All you need to do is shake the player and the player skips to the next song, interesting ain't it. Its powered by a AAA battery which keeps the device alive upto 10 hours.

SanDisk ExpressCard

SanDisk ExpressCard
SanDisk launch the ExpressCard flash memory card in flavors of 8GB and 16GB. A paradise for mobile data storage. A whole lot of Movies, High resolution images, Databases and Files on the move, mobility at its best.

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Optimus Maximus keyboard

Optimus Maximus keyboard
Optimus Maximus keyboard

Image Source:

Very very interesting keyboard. Optimus Maximus keyboard has LED backlit keys which are configurable and customizable by the user using the Optimus configurator software. The keyboard is due for launch by the end of this year.

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Tennis Robot

Tennis Robot
World's first tennis robot hitting balls with a racket. Conventional robots cannot provide effective practices because it is impossible to foresee the timing of ball release and ball pitches. These problems are solved by hitting balls with a racket. Speed of a ball can be adjusted between 20 km/h and 70 km/h. The robot can also release balls in different pitches, such as spin, lob, smash. The robot is remote-controlled. It is priced around $8400.00

Fishbowl that hangs on the wall

Fish Bowl
This is a fishbowl that hangs on the wall, saves counter space and adds a decorative element to your wall.

Go-Kart Track in a Briefcase

Go Kart
The product is a completely self-contained go-kart game with two carts, a 2 metre track, two controllers, a stop watch and a 9V battery block for 5 hours gaming power. It is priced at €598.00

Vibrating Optical Mouse

Vibrating MouseThis device not only acts as a fully functional optical mouse, it also includes a built-in vibration motor for stress relief. Available in white or silver colors, this mouse features USB connectivity and is priced at $22.

FM radio T-Bag style

Designer Duck Young Kong conceptualized and developed a prototype of a unique Radio interface. This radio carries a metaphor of a Cup with a Tea bag. Grab the antenna and pull it up to turn the radio on and the same to adjust the volume. Twist the antenna to change channels. Very interesting concept.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

One Task - too many WebApps

Invoicing and accounting has been the major target for web2.0 after the social networking concepts. There are numerous online web application that helps to create invoicing and accounting. These have received an immense response from user groups that involves small business, freelancers. Some of the major sites are listed here.

BlinkSale - The easiest way to send invoices online

Invocing Machine - Freefree application that let's you create beautiful PDF invoices in a snap.

Cashboard - Free estimate, invoice and time tracking software

Invoicepalace -Easy Invoicing And Quotes From Anywhere

Fresh Books - online invoicing and time tracking service that saves you time and makes you look professional

LessAccounting- business improvement app that saves you time by streamlining accounting, assisting with the sales process and integrating with other important apps.

CreativeOffice- complete set of online office management tools - and it's completely free! You can Manage your team, clients, projects, invoices, events and quotes (coming soon) from one web-based application.
Creative Office

Free Agent Central - Money Management application for UK Freelancers

Tokyo Game Show

Japan’s best developers are betting big on Xbox 360 in 2007 and beyond, as Microsoft announces best-ever holiday entertainment lineup.

Flanked by a who's who of Japanese gaming luminaries and video game development legends, Takashi Sensui , general manager of the Home and Entertainment Division at Microsoft Co. Ltd., took the stage at the Yebisu Garden Hall during Xbox 360 Briefing 2007 to announce support from some of Japan's most renowned game developers and unveil an unparalleled lineup of holiday blockbuster hits and exclusives for Xbox 360™.

Two of Japan's most celebrated game developers, Tomonobu Itagaki from Team NINJA/ Tecmo Ltd.and Hironobu Sakaguchi from Mistwalker, joined Sensui onstage to announce their support for the Xbox 360 platform. Itagaki highlighted the announcement that Team NINJA will develop
NINJA GAIDEN® 2, the true sequel to the best-selling and critically acclaimed Xbox® original, exclusively for Xbox 360.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

iPhone Hacker on CNBC (Video)

The iPhone Hacker George Hotz was interviewed on TV, the channel CNBC. The 17-year-old kid managed to unlock the Apple iPhone, allowing users to connect the iPhone to any GSM network.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

TokyoFlash Watches

Very unique, sleek and futuristic watches can be bought off the web from TokyoFlash. Very interesting lights that will spiral on and off and displays time when a button is pressed for the first time and then display day and date if the butons are pressed again. Check the website for more products and details.

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TrekStor Vibez

TrekStor Vibez
A whole lot of mp3 players in the market and TrekStor released the Vibez. The devices has 8 GB and 12GB (HDD) capacity players which . The player features automatic play lists, DJ function and many more. The 1.5" screen supports 65000 colors and weighs around 71g. The player can play music for 20 hours.

Sanyo's ultra compact Camcorder

Sanyo Xacti HD1000
Sanyo with the Xacti HD1000 hopes to dissect the mini camcorder market captures a fair share of the market in this category. The Xacti HD1000 supports 1920x1080 resolution in full high definition video at speeds of 60 frames per second. The recorder can store upto 85 mins of HD video on a 8GB SDHC card and more than 5hrs in 640x480 res.

The Sanyo Xacti HD1000 will retail at &799

Sony Playstation 3 price war

Sony Playstation3
Has the price of the PS3 pushed you away from having your hands on them? Well! its not better at all, there are rumors of the 80GB models to drop at $500 and the new 40GB model will retail for $400. The 60GB models will be discontinued. There is no price point to keep you happy but its the same tag with upgraded storage space.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sony's Rolly

Sony Rolly
I have no clue what Sony's Rolly is all about. But this secret gadget has its marketing campaign kicked off in Japan. What I understand of this device as seen on videos released on the web, is a music player which dances to the tune of the music and also has interesting controls on this egg shape gadget. We will see more of this in coming days I guess. Until then check the video out and let us know what you think of it.

Logitech’s new pointing device

Logitech's Pointing Device
Logitech, the Swiss leader in ‘pointing technology,’ has launched in India the MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Mouse that does double duty as a normal PC mouse and a TV-style “remote.” Unlike the cordless mouse available, the MX Air does not work off batteries — it comes with a docking station-cum-charger that can be plugged into the A/c mains — and a ‘dongle’ that can be plugged into the USB port of the PC, to create a wireless link for about 10 metres.

The “air” mouse if pointed at the PC, as you would a TV remote, it functions exactly as a mouse placed on a mouse-pad would.It uses new ‘motion control’ technology called “FreeSpace” created by an U.S. company, Hillcrest. It costs just under Rs. 9,000.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A toaster that writes on your bread

Sasha Tseng's Toaster
Early morning rush and you desperately need an assistant to remind you of things? This special toaster should do the trick. Designer Sasha Tseng has a message board integrated to the toaster, where one can write short notes, reminders and the same gets toasted onto the toast too. Read and eat eh!

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Joya's flash drive

Joya flash drive
Another USB drive in the market. Joya introduces a flash drive in a steel casing. The storage device has 1GB memory and 2.0 high speed interface. The drive looks cool to wear around your neck as an accessory too.

Nokia Mini speakers

The Nokia Mini Speakers MD-6 lets you enjoy stereo sound on the move. The device has a built in antenna to receive FM radio transmission. The flip design of the device folds in and protects the speaker cones.

Griffin iPod case range

Griffin iPod case
Griffin launches new new range of case models/design for the Apple iPhone and iPod/Nano mp3 players. The interesting case in the new range is the Mirror/Chrome finish case for iPod and Nano, gives a nice magical effect.

Griffin iPod Nano case
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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cellular Travel Router

CTR-350 Cellular Travel Router
The CTR-350 Cellular Travel Router, a mini box enable your broadband enabled mobile phone and modems to create a WiFi hotspot around you. The power of making your own Hotspot right in your pocket. No security issue or wading around looking for a WiFi spot to get connected, the CTR-350 makes life simple and easy to get online.

The device has a built in firewall which protects the network connection and prevents unauthorized use of your network connection. The device meets the IT policies for WiFi security.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

And you thought bananas are only to be eaten...!!

Next time you find any useless CDs or DVDs and before throwing them out of window, think again. They deserve a Banana treat.

Watch this Video to know how:

Thursday, September 06, 2007

JBL Spot

JBL Spot
A very nice set of multimedia speakers from JBL is launched and its called the JBL SPOT. Its a compact 2.1 channel multimedia speakers with interchangeable Black or White external covers. User friendly Touch Controls, one touch increase or decrease volume and mute. The smart SPOT remembers your earlier volume settings when you power it back on.

Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch No its NOT an iPhone but a music player with WiFi capabilities. Its a new version of the Apple iPod with the same touch screen capabilities of an iPhone. The iPod Touch uses the same operating system of an iphone. So what is all the ga ga about this device? Well this is it, Multi-touch interface, Gorgeous 3.5-inch widescreen display,Wi-Fi web browsing, Music downloads from iTunes.

All new iPod Nano

Apple does it again. Keeps the customers busy with their wallets and all also keeping their brand a sticky place. Yep! they did it again and its an all new iPod Nano and now even smaller and beautiful piece of device, ahem! its Apple. Though its small it carries a whole lot of features, Mp3, Video, WiFi, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Games, Photos, Extras.

iPod NanoIt holds some of features of an organizer too. Keeping you buy on the move. Iam sure a whole lot of the Apple community and new consumers are all set to grab one of these.