Friday, September 21, 2007

Disco is here to stay

A very interesting application which keeps tracks of the files burnt on CDs from your machine.Introducing DISCO 1.0, it drills down to details like when the file was burnt, to which disc and when it had been edited. This is a wonderful tool especially when you loose track of files and unable to find them from your favorite CD rack.

It also has a very cool feature of spanning over sized user file list across multiple cds in one session. Let us look at it this way, you have files in a folder that would require more than one CD and you dont have the patience to divide them. No sweat, the application will do it for you. Disco analyze the total size of the files and indicates the user of how many CDs would be needed to burn the files and all we need to do is simply feed the burner with new CDs.

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