Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cellular Travel Router

CTR-350 Cellular Travel Router
The CTR-350 Cellular Travel Router, a mini box enable your broadband enabled mobile phone and modems to create a WiFi hotspot around you. The power of making your own Hotspot right in your pocket. No security issue or wading around looking for a WiFi spot to get connected, the CTR-350 makes life simple and easy to get online.

The device has a built in firewall which protects the network connection and prevents unauthorized use of your network connection. The device meets the IT policies for WiFi security.

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cobalt said...

Can we use it internationally ?
any specific range limited ?


Vikram Sunderraj said...

Please find the compatibility details on the following link.

Anonymous said...

The EVDo Experts at have an awesome solution for Express Cards with this little router as well...

Check all of it out here: