Friday, November 02, 2007

The KitchenBug recipe bank

Recipes OnlineKitchenBug is a useful and very easy to use receipe sharing and consolidating tool. You can write down all your recipes and access the same anytime with easy features to arrange and list them for quick search and find the recipe you are looking for. Since your recipe is in public you can also let other users to place comment for your recipe. You could also search for other KitchenBug user's recipe.


Ofir Shahar said...

Thank you for the post and for letting your readers know about KitchenBug.

After a surprisingly short time, our 1,000 invitation quota has run out. However, anyone who wants to join can leave an email address on our home page at We will send out batches of invitations at a time, but every request will be answered.

Soon we will open KitchenBug to everyone, and also introduce new and exciting features.

Thanks again,


Vikram Sunderraj said...

Its an interesting app. You are always welcome.

milla said...

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