Saturday, October 06, 2007

Planet Earth and Global Warming

Global WarmingWith Movies, TV Shows, Debates and Books all talking about how we are killing our planet directly and indirectly, we are still not doing anything about it neither do we realize our responsibility to save the planet. Here, we have smashLab taking some effort to pass the message of Global Warming to the public with a very informative and well designed flash based website .

Here is a very powerful AD campaign and a visual of what our planet will look like in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen this latest NASA report?

---Nghiem said the rapid decline in winter perennial ice the past two years was caused by unusual winds. "Unusual atmospheric conditions set up wind patterns that compressed the sea ice, loaded it into the Transpolar Drift Stream and then sped its flow out of the Arctic," he said. When that sea ice reached lower latitudes, it rapidly melted in the warmer waters.

"The winds causing this trend in ice reduction were set up by an unusual pattern of atmospheric pressure that began at the beginning of this century," Nghiem said. ---

What, no mention of carbon?! And why hasn't the media said much about this new bit of info?