Saturday, August 11, 2007

An environment friendly MP3 player

Trevor G. Baylis, is back with a bang, with his wonderful and successful invention of the windup Radio called the Free Play windup radio. What is the surprise this time? Well! its a music player again and its an MP3 player called the Eco Media Player which runs on the wind up technology of Trevor.

The player is capable of staying alive for about 40 mins on a minute's wind. The features on the Eco Media Player is no different from other Mp3 players, you can enjoy your favorite music, watch videos and also store files on the device. The player has an alternate power storage medium which is a Lithium Ion battery which is charged through a USB power source and this accounts to 20 hours of music on the player.

Cost of the product: $340

Ahem! how about an Apple iPhone with this technology? ;) ain't it interesting huh! huh!

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