Monday, August 06, 2007

Will IPHONE retail in India?

With IPhone waves going around the world and people all lined up with $$$ bills in their pockets to grab an IPhone, we in India just get to droll over photographs of the hardware. What would we do back here? Make that expensive International call to the US reach ou to your friends, families and whoever to make that buy. For people who are planning to do this or have already done it, are you sure this phone will work in India? I really doubt as much as you all do.
Just walk around your city's grey market area chanting the sacred word IPHONE! IPHONE! and you will see a couple of guys rushing towards you assuring you a guaranteed and working IPhone on an Indian mobile phone network. There are people who give false promises of unlocking the phone for Rs.500 in 2 days. There are no such hacking or unlocking software to make the phone work in India. You will be even more surprised to hear when some of them believe that the IPhone's OS is driven using the Symbian and its easy to crack.

So wait up until next year Wipro and HCL are gearing up to retail these phones and at I hope at an affordable price. Until then mop the drool :)

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