Friday, August 17, 2007

The future of Web Culture, Technology and Trends

Future of Web Technology The year 2006 gave way for tremendous growth in Social Networking and popularity of RSS feed. We can call it Web2.0 or whatever term that describes it well as per industry standards.

I feel RSS feeds will hook a large number of users over the web and we could also see a lot more of AJAX powered web applications to support the flow of this form of data structure. Structured Data, Widgets, RIA, SEO and Online Advertising are going to be the turn around of the future of World Wide Web. Will Firefox come up with something to beat the barriers of browser competition? We will have to wait and see.

Google, lam sure will have something up their sleeves for the year 2008, With their Google Base service online, we should expect good response from users for their intense and extensive search capabilities of various Products and Services, based on user specific filter criteria.

Online TV! what can you think of? Joost! These guys truly have a wonderful service. TV channels through broadband lines.

We would see a lot more than the above and need to wait it out and also see if Amazon is coming up their Amazon Web Services based OS or will Google ADsense have competition or will there be another form of Search Engine or have more powerful browsers integrated with every possible feature/widget that a user could dream of. Let us see what is more to come.......

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